Cast of Characters




Pax – Every sense of the word ‘spoiled’. His father, one of the last great knights of Caterwall before the years of peace, passed away when he was still a kitten, leaving him to be raised in luxury in the King’s castle. Being given a royal treatment and not truly being under any cat’s careful eye, Pax has become a brat and prankster. He’s on his last chance in Caterwall and it’s about to go poorly…







Gavin – Best friend of Pax and the son of a Seer. Well, the decedent of a true Seer. He is of the Brahan line, a family of highly regarded magical cats hailing from the lands of Perth. Throughout the generations the seer abilities have gotten weaker and weaker, almost absent completely from Gavin. The young cat struggles with his family’s lost sense of purpose, though maybe the abilities aren’t completely gone…







Finn – No one seems to know much about Finn. He’s a scrappy, sarcastic     dog who doesn’t ever seem to want to talk about himself. But he’s a good friend and he’s Pax and Gavin’s only hope on their new journey. He’s the errand dog of one particularly bad cat, even if he’s all smiles and good cheer.








Gustav Gusto – Pirate by trade, though Captain Gustav is no ordinary corsair. He’s not the murderous, thieving sort of seafarer… unless you get on his bad side. He captain’s the Neptune’s Claw, boasting it to be the fastest ship in Bast Bay (which it is!).








Catalina – Daughter of a loan shark, Catalina lives in the lap of luxury, but she isn’t happy. She struggles between furthering her father’s business and staying true to the few creatures she calls friends.








Black Bob – Catalina’s father and the unofficial ruler of the Isle of Manx. He’s ruthless if money is involved, and he isn’t the most loyal father. It’s bad news to get involved with him in any situation.