What’s Caterwall About?
Short answer: Cats with swords!

Caterwall is the story of Pax, the orphaned son of one of the kingdom of Katia’s greatest knights. As he nears adulthood he should be taking on the mantle his father left behind, but his impatience with the slow pace of his life in the capital city of Caterwall makes him few friends. In the course of stumbling upon a plot to threaten Caterwall, Pax finds himself banished from the city for good. Left to his own devices, he must now figure out his place in the world, and whether the call of freedom is stronger than the call to duty.

Will the Comic Be Online?
The first 25 pages of Book I: The Isle of Manx are online, but if you want to read the rest, you’ll need to pick up a copy of Caterwall at Sofawolf’s site (starting July 10th, 2015) See here for more info!  You can read what’s online right here!

How often will you post?
Caterwall is now out, so there won’t be any more pages posted online. Order Caterwall starting July 10th, 2015 on Sofawolf Press’ Product Page to read the whole store!

I also plan to update periodically with work-in-progress pieces, news, and concept artwork, so watch the Blog for that, or @caterwall on Twitter.

Who will like Caterwall?
Do you like cats? Do you like epic fantasy? Do you like cats with swords? This is probably a good place for you, then.

When will the first book be available?
The first book is out! It’s debuting at San Diego Comic Con and Anthrocon of 2015. It will be published by Sofawolf Press and they have a Product Page for Caterwall! You’ll be able to pick up a copy online, at many major comic conventions, as well as your local comic book retailer.

Book I? Does that mean there will be more?
Yes! Book I: The Isle of Manx is the first book of three in the Caterwall trilogy! Book II: The Aodh Mountains is already in progress. Keep an eye on this site for more info!

My Question isn’t answered!
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What world is Caterwall Set In?
Caterwall is set in a earth like setting where humans don’t exist and (most!) animals walk and talk! All over the world there are pockets of creatures, but Caterwall focuses on two major kingdoms; Katia of the Cats and Dewshire of the Dogs.

Cats and dogs have never been friends, though for the past several years they have become as peaceful as dogs and cats could possibly be. There are many other kingdoms of all different political structures. The pirate run Isle of Manx, The regal and proud kingdom of Perth, the land of the Scottish Folds, and the free spirited villages of Lutra, home of the otters.

Tribes of moles, bands of squirrels, frightening flocks of birds and all sorts of critters call the world of Caterwall home!

Why do some animals walk and talk while others don’t?
Just like in our world’s evolution, every species had their own path to follow. Some thrived on the use of weapons and culture while others found their natural set of talents to remain useful. Each species and culture differs as in our own world. While one kind of creature might be sophisticated, the next might still be close to their primal roots.

What time period is Caterwall set?
Caterwall is a loose medieval themed world. In several ways the world differs from our own world’s medieval time period, but mostly Caterwall remains in the same sort of realm.